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Autor Thema:Why is this game so hard?
Phoenix NCO
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Beitrag Why is this game so hard?
am November 14, 2017, 13:47


I have to do a puzzle run across a tomb if I touch the wrong one. It telports me backwatds. I just want have a good time. Why making this game so hard. I unstalled it. I was like that's not for me. The investigation missions might not be something for everyone (for me, they are what lured me into TSW/SWL in the first place). If you struggle to find the solution for a puzzle, there are lots of helpful guides, walkthroughs and YT videos for each and every mission. I just want team up with people and play the game and hit things. It makes it really hard when at starter mission you gotta figure out this complex puzzle. I just want to see the game.

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