Erfolge (Liste)

Hier eine Übersicht der verschiedenen Informationsquellen für Erfolge:

Racing Achievements:
Racing achievements guide – all the start and finish locations
Racing in chosain – video showing how it’s done

Leap of Faith Achievements (videos by Evito QQ):
Leap of Faith: Purifying Leap
Leap of Faith: Xibaluku Needle
Leap of Faith: Ymirish Cliff
Leap of Faith: Seat of Crom
Leap of Faith: Mind the Gap
Leap of Faith: Dip in the Oasis
Leap of Faith: Over the Signal Flame
Leap of Faith: Hand of Erlik
Leap of Faith: Acheronian Circle – North/South Tower – Western Cliffs – Touch the Heavens (info on how to get up there is in the description)

Questing resources: – just type in what are you looking for – bit of out of date but still has a lot info on old content – more info on quests

a. Tortage
Tortage Questing Achievments

Aquilonia Questing Achievements

c. Cimmeria
Cimmeria Questing Achievments
The Explorer Quest in Ymirs Pass

d. Stygia
Stygia Questing Achievements
Sands of Time and In Favor of Set quests (Dragons Spine)

c. Khitai
Gateway to Khitai Questing Achievements
Milestones Quest in Khitai

Shrine achievements:
Chosain – all the emotes for the shrines located in Chosain

Solo instances achievments:
[Guide] Getting Gold chest in Refuge of Apostate
The Isle of Iron Statues – guide to beating hard mode and killing secret boss

Targets of Interest achievements
Bosses in Khitai – all the targets for killing in the lands of Khitai and several other zones
Field of the Dead [Cimmeria] Ultimate Boss Guide – posted by bryanthesnail

Alle Infos stammen aus dem offiziellen Age of Conan Forum, Zusammenfassung erstellt von Slith.

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